Emanate good vibes and watch what happens!

It doesn’t take much to think positively, but it seems as though people are quicker to be negative when faced with the set up of a negative situation.

Story: Back in the summer, I met in an accident that easily could have been more catastrophic than what it turned out to be. Frankly I needed a new car and thankfully no one was hurt. At that moment I could have panicked but I didn’t. I didn’t panic because I knew God had a plan. Whenever I’m faced with a negative roadblock I always think, ok what big plan does God have instore for me. Seriously I never let negative vibes get me down –

So positively one day we walked into the dealership and positively we did walk out with keys to a pretty shiney Mercedes. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d own a luxury car.

Believe in divine timing! there is no other time I believe that a positive flow of energy speaks to the universe and God grants us what we need more than when we handle negativity with grace.

Nothing in life is guaranteed and even at times when we positively formulate a situation to work out, it does the complete opposite and create a whole new chapter in our book and sometimes that chapter is the best yet!

So let’s all embrace the situations we are faced with and seek to find positive solutions as we enter the new year. Emanate good vibes and watch what happens!




Everyday we wake up and go about our day not knowing who or what will cross our paths and cause us to use whatever courage we have built up inside. 

My latest dilemma has been dropping my kid off at preschool. This is his first time being in a school setting, where we leave him for the entire day. Though the teachers are nice and are there to protect our kids the battle that we as parents go through when we have to leave our kids in the care of strangers is unnerving and that alone takes a lot of courage, for me.

Now looking at it through my 3 year old eyes, all he sees are crying kids and it scares him and makes him cry along. I tell him each morning to be brave, no one is gonna hurt you, the teachers love you and all the kids are your friends so don’t cry. But how easy is it for us to overcome fear? it’s hard. So the first week of school has been hard. 

Courage ~ the ability to do something that frightens one. 


Dreams – recently when I hear people say “follow your dreams and you’ll make it”. I’m often left thinking to myself-I used to dream big, are my dreams not extravagant enough anymore, why am I stuck in a 9-5? why haven’t I accomplished more? 

My one real big dream was to move to America to make a better life for myself. I grew up in one of the rougher parts of Kingston, Jamaica and knew early on that where I lived wasn’t where I belonged. Imagine living in a city where the one connection to your hood is this vast river bed that the cars have to pass thru to get you to the other side and when it rains it’s like real real life struggles. Anyways I knew that wasn’t the life I wanted and just before I turned 21 I made the move to America. Now everyone looks at me sideways when they find out I left my beautiful island to live in the cold of New England, but that’s how the universe conspired and here’s where I am. 

My dreams led me here and still I work to make whatever dreams I have a reality, I haven’t had any real big dreams lately but when I do you’ll find out! 

In the mean time, what are your dreams made of? 


Isn’t it so easy to get frustrated and want to give up when stepping outside the realms of what you know.

My newest hobby – besides blogging  is now jewelry making and I know “knot” what I’m doing but still I do!

My visit to the craft store was in an attempt to fuel this fire. So I bought a bunch of supplies to make bracelets. I figure I spend so much money on such things so why not make them myself.

These items were on clearance so I bought them and then went to Pinterest to find DIY jewelry making ideas and I did.

However I’m sure this bracelet could have looked much better, but I got frustrated – if only you could see the one I made before lol — it was literally me adding the wishbone charm and tieing the ends – voila! But sometimes you have to add heart and so I added a heart charm…

But in everyday life adding a charm won’t make the job easier so have patience with whatever new knowledge you seek and watch as your heart and mind work together to conceive your ideas and achieve your goals.

Oh yes have fun while doing whatever it is you set your mind to, because why pursue something if your ultimate goal isn’t to be happy with the outcome?

 Adult Coloring Book

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Adult Coloring Books: A Coloring Book for Adults Featuring Mandalas and Henna Inspired Flowers, Animals, and Paisley Patterns

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Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book

Coloring book fans of all ages can try their hand at the Art Deco patterns and letters from A to Z and the lively drawings of women dressed for the task at hand, whether it is driving their own car, pruning morning glories in the garden, feeding a dragon, steering a gondola, sitting on a crescent moon, perched on a peacock or riding a zebra—side-saddle, of course. This is the Vogue woman as liberated, stylish, and always dressed for adventure.

At the back, don’t miss the twenty-six Vogue covers in their original colors with lively captions as well as a stunning six-page gatefold of twenty-one glamorous dresses from 1912–1932 to color, tear out, and display.

Vogue Colors A to Z: A Fashion Coloring Book

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Fall and Crush 

How many of you have ever had a crush growing up? Or even still do? Every Monday is dedicated to your man crush #MCM on the net and then Wednesdays are for my women #WCW, so this is to say crushes are major. 

But is crushing healthy? Let’s say you saw your #MCE how would you act? Have you ever asked yourself that? Would you throw yourself at him like a piece of meat? Or would you do something dumb to get noticed, only to embarrass yourself in that moment and be crushed. I have had lots of crushes growing up but was wayyyyyy too shy to ever act upon it. 

If a crush becomes reality does it crush you the crusher?  

Now that I’m older I don’t crush, I fall. It may seem more painful to fall but when you fall in love the true pain is in crushing on a crush that doesn’t even know you exist, so take a leap and fall, fall in love today, fall in love with your bestfriend, fall in love with him, fall in love with her, fall in love with your life, yourself, fall in love with healthy, fall in love with love, just fall.

Lucky Pennies 

Lucky Pennies 

Do you believe in luck? Have you ever found a penny and felt lucky? Well today I found two pennies, shiny as ever, heads up – I felt so lucky.

But who would have known how much luckier I was about to get. I had lost my wedding band about a year ago. I really didn’t stress it but I felt like an important piece of my life was lost and I wanted to have it replaced as soon as we could afford to. However today after finding my two lucky pennies I emptied one of my dresser drawers in an effort to “spring clean” and there I saw something sparkling in the sunlight, only this time it wasnt copper.

Gleaming in the bottom of my empty drawer was my diamond ring! Diamonds shining in my eyes, shining in my heart, making my  excitement burst and my smile wide. I was ecstatic and it was lovely and I felt lucky.