Bullies and Bestfriends 

Bullying is something I strongly have no tolerance for. I cannot sit aside and watch social videos of people being treated badly.

I am not that person.

I was bullied as the new girl in my prep school, from around second grade to pretty much fifth/sixth grade – living nightmare!

Some of the things I had to adhere to was getting my good “becky hair” pulled on. I would get pushed and shoved standing in lines. I would have to spend whatever lunch money I had, getting these girls candy before school, sometimes I would miss the bus because of that. I had become such a pro I had started getting the sweets from the day before – lol – my sister would laugh at me, like u crazy fool.  

But that was me – a peace keeper, even when it meant my happiness. The worst was when they told me not to speak to my best friend, like seriously just shoot me now! And the sad part is that I would listen. My best friend’s name was Mishca and we lived in the same neighbourhood. We would take our hour long journey home not saying a word to each other, because of my loyalty to these bullies. After I left prep school, I changed.

I changed because I was older and wiser. I demanded respect because with respect comes love and admiration, so to know me is to love me.

Over twenty years later.

Because of those bullies, today I have stories that my sister and I can look back at and laugh…not to mention my best friend Mishca.


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