Waiting – whoever likes the action or non-action of that word? I despise waiting, especially when there is no specifics on the length of time one has to wait.  For instance you go to the doctors, you have a 9am appt but does that mean you will see the doc at 9 nope you sit there and waitttttttt. 

Labor – here you are all excited that finally this beautiful kid is ready to come into the world and boom 13 hours later still waiting! 

You overpay your taxes the IRS says hey you deserve a refund on YOUR hard earned money yayyyy but guess what u better wait! 

But like Bob Marley said “I don’t want to wait in vain”especially  when it comes to love – should we wait? Is love the one thing worth waiting on? I will say yes wait on love but never wait too long. 


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