Okay, so Starbucks has been around since the 70s and even today in 2016 you have people who are intimidated to enter into the coffee giant doors. If you are like me and love you some Chipotle you know that right next door is usually a Starbucks. Today I sat eating my salad bowl and as I did I observed the different clientele that tends to flock to Starbucks.

Starbucks lovers to me seem like they actually think they are above the rest of the coffee drinkers in the world. I say this because that’s how I feel whenever I have my green queen fish lady throwing up gang signs at all the other coffee cups in the room, and that green straw! So powerful!!!!

But seriously it’s like a whole different world once you enter the doors. First off the music takes you into another dimension and everyone seems so sophisticated and all about their business. They represent the 1% of people with goals, because to order a cup of anything from Starbucks you must have a goal. This isn’t the place for “ummmmm lemmi get a” Becky you better know what you came for!

So I rarely ever enter a Starbucks, if they don’t have a drive thru where I can sit and think and be like “hmm ok lets get tha”, I must explicitly know what I want before entering those doors, and the funny thing is that it’s not the staff that makes the experience weird it’s the god damn customers! lol, my husband onced asked me “if they were from another planet or something” and seriously I wondered the same damn thing.

But after finding that one thing that made me a Starbucks regular. I realized that if you know the menu and the correct Italian word to convert to the size you want, then voila you are part of the weird alien coffee loving crowd! But honestly before I perfected my one favorite drink, I always felt a lack of confidence whenever I entered the store.  This link really breaks down the menu and sizes so you too can become a sophistated starbucks snob!The Starbucks Menu Demystified

Where size matters 

I really don’t know if the first 3 matters, but according to Starbucks Wiki these are the sizes offered:

  1. Demi 3 US fl oz (89 ml) Smallest size. Espresso shots.
  2. Short 8 US fl oz (240 ml) Smaller of the two original sizes
  3. Mini[72] 10 US fl oz (300 ml) Smaller than the three original Frappuccino sizes, offered as lower-calorie option
  4. Tall 12 US fl oz (350 ml) Larger of the two original sizes
  5. Grande 16 US fl oz (470 ml) Italian for “large”
  6. Venti 20 US fl oz (590 ml)24 US fl oz (710 mL) Italian for “twenty”
  7. Trenta 31 US fl oz (920 ml) Italian for “thirty”

Oh by the way my husband always says “ummmmmm lemmi get a, large…”lol, my star. 
Point is go with confidence until you the novice, become an expert and shine like the star we all are meant to be.
For full store menu see also Starbucks.com

For a good laugh read The 6 types of people in line at Starbucks


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