Do you believe in luck? Have you ever found a penny and felt lucky? Well today I found two pennies, shiny as ever, heads up – I felt so lucky.

But who would have known how much luckier I was about to get. I had lost my wedding band about a year ago. I really didn’t stress it but I felt like an important piece of my life was lost and I wanted to have it replaced as soon as we could afford to. However today after finding my two lucky pennies I emptied one of my dresser drawers in an effort to “spring clean” and there I saw something sparkling in the sunlight, only this time it wasnt copper.

Gleaming in the bottom of my empty drawer was my diamond ring! Diamonds shining in my eyes, shining in my heart, making my  excitement burst and my smile wide. I was ecstatic and it was lovely and I felt lucky.

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