Fall and Crush 

How many of you have ever had a crush growing up? Or even still do? Every Monday is dedicated to your man crush #MCM on the net and then Wednesdays are for my women #WCW, so this is to say crushes are major. 

But is crushing healthy? Let’s say you saw your #MCE how would you act? Have you ever asked yourself that? Would you throw yourself at him like a piece of meat? Or would you do something dumb to get noticed, only to embarrass yourself in that moment and be crushed. I have had lots of crushes growing up but was wayyyyyy too shy to ever act upon it. 

If a crush becomes reality does it crush you the crusher?  

Now that I’m older I don’t crush, I fall. It may seem more painful to fall but when you fall in love the true pain is in crushing on a crush that doesn’t even know you exist, so take a leap and fall, fall in love today, fall in love with your bestfriend, fall in love with him, fall in love with her, fall in love with your life, yourself, fall in love with healthy, fall in love with love, just fall.

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