Isn’t it so easy to get frustrated and want to give up when stepping outside the realms of what you know.

My newest hobby – besides blogging  is now jewelry making and I know “knot” what I’m doing but still I do!

My visit to the craft store was in an attempt to fuel this fire. So I bought a bunch of supplies to make bracelets. I figure I spend so much money on such things so why not make them myself.

These items were on clearance so I bought them and then went to Pinterest to find DIY jewelry making ideas and I did.

However I’m sure this bracelet could have looked much better, but I got frustrated – if only you could see the one I made before lol — it was literally me adding the wishbone charm and tieing the ends – voila! But sometimes you have to add heart and so I added a heart charm…

But in everyday life adding a charm won’t make the job easier so have patience with whatever new knowledge you seek and watch as your heart and mind work together to conceive your ideas and achieve your goals.

Oh yes have fun while doing whatever it is you set your mind to, because why pursue something if your ultimate goal isn’t to be happy with the outcome?

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