Everyday we wake up and go about our day not knowing who or what will cross our paths and cause us to use whatever courage we have built up inside. 

My latest dilemma has been dropping my kid off at preschool. This is his first time being in a school setting, where we leave him for the entire day. Though the teachers are nice and are there to protect our kids the battle that we as parents go through when we have to leave our kids in the care of strangers is unnerving and that alone takes a lot of courage, for me.

Now looking at it through my 3 year old eyes, all he sees are crying kids and it scares him and makes him cry along. I tell him each morning to be brave, no one is gonna hurt you, the teachers love you and all the kids are your friends so don’t cry. But how easy is it for us to overcome fear? it’s hard. So the first week of school has been hard. 

Courage ~ the ability to do something that frightens one. 

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