Emanate good vibes and watch what happens!

It doesn’t take much to think positively, but it seems as though people are quicker to be negative when faced with the set up of a negative situation.

Story: Back in the summer, I met in an accident that easily could have been more catastrophic than what it turned out to be. Frankly I needed a new car and thankfully no one was hurt. At that moment I could have panicked but I didn’t. I didn’t panic because I knew God had a plan. Whenever I’m faced with a negative roadblock I always think, ok what big plan does God have instore for me. Seriously I never let negative vibes get me down –

So positively one day we walked into the dealership and positively we did walk out with keys to a pretty shiney Mercedes. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d own a luxury car.

Believe in divine timing! there is no other time I believe that a positive flow of energy speaks to the universe and God grants us what we need more than when we handle negativity with grace.

Nothing in life is guaranteed and even at times when we positively formulate a situation to work out, it does the complete opposite and create a whole new chapter in our book and sometimes that chapter is the best yet!

So let’s all embrace the situations we are faced with and seek to find positive solutions as we enter the new year. Emanate good vibes and watch what happens!