Dreams – recently when I hear people say “follow your dreams and you’ll make it”. I’m often left thinking to myself-I used to dream big, are my dreams not extravagant enough anymore, why am I stuck in a 9-5? why haven’t I accomplished more? 

My one real big dream was to move to America to make a better life for myself. I grew up in one of the rougher parts of Kingston, Jamaica and knew early on that where I lived wasn’t where I belonged. Imagine living in a city where the one connection to your hood is this vast river bed that the cars have to pass thru to get you to the other side and when it rains it’s like real real life struggles. Anyways I knew that wasn’t the life I wanted and just before I turned 21 I made the move to America. Now everyone looks at me sideways when they find out I left my beautiful island to live in the cold of New England, but that’s how the universe conspired and here’s where I am. 

My dreams led me here and still I work to make whatever dreams I have a reality, I haven’t had any real big dreams lately but when I do you’ll find out! 

In the mean time, what are your dreams made of? 

Fall and Crush 

How many of you have ever had a crush growing up? Or even still do? Every Monday is dedicated to your man crush #MCM on the net and then Wednesdays are for my women #WCW, so this is to say crushes are major. 

But is crushing healthy? Let’s say you saw your #MCE how would you act? Have you ever asked yourself that? Would you throw yourself at him like a piece of meat? Or would you do something dumb to get noticed, only to embarrass yourself in that moment and be crushed. I have had lots of crushes growing up but was wayyyyyy too shy to ever act upon it. 

If a crush becomes reality does it crush you the crusher?  

Now that I’m older I don’t crush, I fall. It may seem more painful to fall but when you fall in love the true pain is in crushing on a crush that doesn’t even know you exist, so take a leap and fall, fall in love today, fall in love with your bestfriend, fall in love with him, fall in love with her, fall in love with your life, yourself, fall in love with healthy, fall in love with love, just fall.

How did Bob Marley die?

img_6684Many of us know Robert Nesta Marley as the late great Bob Marley, whose music has influenced so many around the world.

As one of my favorite artists of all time, I am often posed with the question of how did he really die? you know – because I was there…wasn’t even born.

However, I particularly like this one article Bob Marley’s Death because it highlighted, assumptions that I’d never heard of before like:

Rumors persist that Bob Marley was murdered by the CIA (among other theorized assassins), with assistance from Dr. Issels, who has been reported in these accounts to be a former Nazi. The most common version of the story is that the CIA had an operative give Marley a pair of boots as a gift, and the boots had a radioactive wire hidden in them, which caused the cancer on his toe.

But in all actuality, Bob did die in Miami on May 11, 1981, officially due to malignant melanoma, a dangerous type of cancer that was found on his toe.

Cancer pain: Most cancer pain is caused by the tumour pressing on bones, nerves or other organs in your body. Sometimes pain is related to your cancer treatment. For example, some chemotherapy drugs can cause numbness and tingling in your hands and feet or a burning sensation at the place where they are injected. Radiotherapy can cause skin redness and irritation.

I love this man’s music like I love my own self. What would our world be like if he was still alive?

Source: Cancer Research

Is our unwillingness to keep calm costing us our entire being?

Is our unwillingness to keep calm costing us our entire being?

As humans and animals alike we share this earth. And as earthlings, being born to this planet makes us so extremely special, yet as a whole we have all missed the mark. 

Do you think if Martians came to Earth they would think we as humans are more intelligent than that of a gorilla – RIP Harambe.CNN http://cnn.it/25wDD9H

No I doubt it! 

Just because our brains may seem more intelligent than that of an animal are we too quick to defend and not keep calm?  Wiping out our entire being. 

…then there are earthquakes!